Whether you have heard beef fanatics describe it as a Ham Dog, Olympic Burger, or O-Dog; the Burgerdog™ is one of the golf world's most delicious secrets. Even Pulitzer-Prize winning columnist, Herb Caen, lovingly nicknamed these delicious sandwiches a “him-burger.” Hand-molded daily & ground to perfection, you can find the Burger Dog exclusively at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, California and the Silverado Golf Course in Napa, California. Although often imitated around the country, the original Burgerdog™ was created by Hot Dog Bills.  With its unique shape, special blend of ground chuck, and fresh condiments, our burger has a rich history and a global following.


Hot Dog Bills is a small, family-owned business that was founded in 1950 by husband and wife, Bill and Billie Parrish. We started as a mobile hamburger trailer in search of the perfect location in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

The Parrishes often stationed their trailer at Lake Merced - right across the street from the prestigious Lake Course. It didn't take long before the Lakeside caddies began crossing the flume to purchase food for the members. Due to the Burgerdog’s popularity, the Parrishes were invited to move their trailer permanently onto the Olympic Club property. 

Our first location serviced the Lake Course, and as of today there are two additional stands on the Ocean and the Driving Range/Cliff’s Course. When Bill and Billie retired in 1980, their daughter Candy took over and the family continues to provide quality food and great service.

Rants, Raves, and Reviews

There are a lot of famous golf courses, but not many have famous food as well. Augusta National has its pimento cheese sandwiches, of course. Belgrade Lakes serves its weekly special, the lobster BLT. But the Olympic Club has Hot Dog Bills, home of the Burgerdog™.

Herb Caen, San Francisco’s departed dean of 3-dot journalism, called it the "him-burger." Justin Timberlake called it one of the best burgers he has ever tasted. Jerry Rice lovingly coined the hybrid delicacy the "Burgerdog".

When Fred Couples plays Harding Park, the public TPC course next to Lake Merced, he sends his people over to the Olympic Club for burgers and makes sure to grab enough for everyone. Over the past 60 years, everyone who has played the storied golf course looks forward to the one-handed feast that is the Burgerdog.