Owner Candy Parrish with her brother Steve

Owner Candy Parrish with her brother Steve

Recognized across the country as the home of "Golf's Best Burger", Hot Dog Bills has been delivering quality food and attentive service for the past sixty years. Our success is entirely attributed to our loyal members whom consistently support our business by consuming over ten thousand pounds of hand-molded ground chuck a year!

Since 1950, our company has excelled at providing a product that is fresh, hand-molded, and grilled to any specification. Hot Dog Bills takes great pride in serving members, celebrities, and guests of the prestigious Olympic Club. Check out our write-ups and reviews below. Thanks!

In 2016, Golf Digest held a competition asking over 2000 golfers across the nation for the top halfway-house food in America. Our burger placed number one thanks entirely to our enthusiastic fans!

The runaway winner, Olympic Club’s iconic burger dog, checks both boxes with authority. The quarter-pound offspring of a marriage between a fresh-baked hot-dog bun and a premium, cigar-shape burger, the burger dog is both familiar and new. The ultimate testament to the burger dog’s status? Served for more than 60 years in the same form from the same nondescript stand, the $7.50 sandwich is probably more memorable for a first-time guest than any hole on Olympic Club’s Lake Course—where five U.S. Opens have been played.
— http://www.golfdigest.com/story/a-golfers-guide-to-the-best-halfway-house-grub-in-america

2012 US Open commercial produced by Jake's Takes that aired during the broadcasted tournament. Hot Dog Bills flipped almost twenty thousand Burgerdogs™ during the 7-day event, which included practice rounds.

As we all know, eating a healthy mid-round snack is probably the smartest thing to do. Like a banana, or a granola bar, or maybe even some nuts… but there’s nothing wrong with chasing all of this healthy stuff down with a bill burger.
— Jake's Takes

Additional 2012 US Open Articles

Unlike the course it is eaten on, the burger dog is simple in design; yet much like Olympic’s pristine grounds, the culinary delight is near-impossible for the lay man to master. Many have tried but none have been able to duplicate the taste of the burger dog.
— http://www.espnfrontrow.com/2012/06/u-s-open-grub-olympic-clubs-burger-dog-has-mysterious-allure/
But the best-known dish at the Olympic Club is surely the signature Burger Dog served at the club’s snack shacks, Hot Dog Bills
— http://www.sfgate.com/food/article/Burger-Dog-Olympic-Club-s-signature-dish-3723613.php#photo-3082653
Where do they have a hamburger shaped like a hot dog that tastes like a million bucks? It could only be at The Olympic Club.
— http://2012.usopen.com/en_US/news/articles/2012-06-13/201206141339637452883.html
Hot dogs beware. Your days atop the halfway house food chain are numbered. The Burger Dogs were so good (and the golf so irredeemable) that our group went back after the 14th hole as well for seconds. Might as well have some lasting positive memory of the round.
— http://scottmichaux.drupalgardens.com/content/olympic-story-good-really-bad-and-absurdly-ugly

Burgerdog "Fully Loaded"

Golfweek contributor Josh Sens penned an article on the history of the Burgerdog™ at both The Olympic Club and Silverado Resort.

Phil Mickelson loves her burgers, as does Justin Timberlake. Tiger Woods has wolfed down plenty of them. When Bill Clinton reverse-sandbagged his way around the Lake Course, he made a point of stopping for a burger. So did the actor Michael Douglas, though he dispatched his stunt-double to make the buy.
— http://archive.golfweek.com/news/2012/jun/14/headed-olympic-club-try-burger-dog/

Webb Simpson returns to San Francisco for the first time following his 2012 US Open victory to compete in the Cadillac Match Play Championship at TPC Harding. What does he do? Sneaks across the street to The Olympic Club for a Burgerdog™.

Huge shout out to Candy who owns the the famous burger stand at Olympic for hooking us up despite being closed today!
— https://twitter.com/webbsimpson1/status/593195558421995520

The Hamblogger at SF Gate hosted a Burgerdog showdown back in 2010. Unbeknownst to Hot Dog Bills, another establishment had been serving burgers shaped like a hot dog for almost 40 years.

Hot Dog Bills at the Olympic Club - RATING: 5 out of 5.
— http://blog.sfgate.com/hamblogger/2010/10/04/s-f-burger-dog-showdown-frisco-fried-vs-hot-dog-bills/